Meet Pete

My Vision

I'm looking to help people make positive changes to their life through exercise and nutrition. Ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy exercise and a healthier lifestyle.  

Certified Personal Trainer 
and Coach

9 - 5, Monday - Friday office worker, getting bored of the day job.


Then I started doing triathlons, benefiting from lots of training and healthier more active life, which inspired me to learn how to help others train and improve their own lifestyle and health.  

I committed to learn how to train people properly by gaining my personal trainer qualifications and safely ensuring that they also can benefit from exercise and healthier lifestyles.


Training should be fun and something that you enjoy which is why I believe in, giving people all the knowledge and skills to help make positive changes for themselves. Whilst maybe doing a few things that mean stepping outside of your comfort zone, and making the most of life.

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